We utilize extensive databases and resources not available to the public.

Locating a person's whereabouts for debt collections, bail bond enforcement, witness location, questioning, or almost any facet of an investigation private or otherwise can be difficult. Our efficient and knowelegable staff can help you locate those who do not wish to be found.

Saddleback Attorney Service, Inc. is able to find useful information about people and the businesses they associate with or work for. With as little as a name and one other identifying factor, such as approximate age or last known area of residence, we are able to track down those who do not wish to be found.

Don’t write off a debt or dismiss a defendant in an action because you either can’t find them or get them served. If a search proves unsuccessful in locating the defendant or ultimately effecting service, allow Saddleback, for an additional charge, to prepare a Declaration in Support of Service by Publication. We are familiar with what the courts look for in order to approve and order service by such a method.

We are experienced in both locating parties for service and preparing necessary documents to assist you with moving on with your case, by whatever means necessary.

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